Description and main goals

The main objective of this site is to build a database with the performance metrics for different applications used within the POP Center of Excelence project. These metrics will allow characterizing the behavior of the corresponding application and could be queried by system designers (architecture, system software) in projects outside POP to demonstrate the potential of their proposed approaches and get a rough estimate of which codes their techniques will have an important impact on.

We also describe typical behavioural patterns (that may result in potential performance degradations) that we have identified in the analysis of applications using different algorithms in different disciplines. The objective then is to identify such patterns in generic terms, provide links to programs that expose them and links to the correspondant best-practice(s) that should address it. Some of these programs include additional versions that allow comparing the behaviour before/after applying a given best-practice.

Programs included in this site use different programming languages and leverage some of the most popular parallel programming models used in the HPC community.