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Computation Efficiency

An important sub-metric within the Global Efficiency ratio is the Computation Efficiency (CompE), which are the ratios of total time in useful computation summed over all processes.

For strong scaling (i.e., problem size is constant) it is the ratio of total time in useful computation for a reference case (e.g., on 1 process or 1 compute node) to the total time as the number of processes (or nodes) is increased. For CompE to have a value of 1000‰ this time must remain constant regardless of the number of processes.

Insight into possible causes of poor computation scaling can be investigated using metrics devised from processor hardware counter data. Two causes of poor computational scaling are:

We investigate these two causes by analysing the Instruction Efficiency (IE), the Instructions Per Cycle (IPCE) Efficiency, and the Frequency Efficiency (FE).

Programs reporting issues with Computation Efficiency: FFTXlib ·